Reblog if you have stretch marks anywhere on your body. It would be good to know I’m not alone in this.

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Question for Autistics


Do you feel like you can spot other Autistics when you’re out and about in public?

I think that many of us are great at passing - not because we’re particularly fantastic actors, but because NT people are only aware of the most stigmatized elements of Autistic “behavior”…

Speaking as someone who isn’t autistic, I had a friend who was autistic and I didn’t know until several months after we met and even then only because we got drunk and she told me, not because I guessed.

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One of the many, many drawbacks of having werewolves for friends is that they don’t seem to have any concept of ‘normal sleeping hours’ or ‘privacy’ or ‘the closed window is not to be taken as a challenge’ 

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Things That Happen During Pet-Sitting (I Remind Myself Are Not Metaphors For My Heart)

They shuffle around in bed, each trying to avoid getting stuck in the wet spot (Isaac actually makes his way to the head of the bed, sleeping on his side across both sets of pillows to avoid it. Eventually Scott ends up in the wet spot, because he is a gentleman and Isaac is not. When Allison wakes up his arm and leg are thrown over her torso and his head is buried between her breasts. It’s his favorite position when they sleep together). 

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Writing fic Here have some random quotes

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Did a bunch of dogs breakup a fight between two cats? Am I seeing this right??

Having none of that shit today.

“Ay man, y’all chill the fuck out. Y’all fucking up the party.”


Pack animals like dogs don’t tolerate dissent in their group because it weakens the pack’s social structure… There are similar clips on youtube of them breaking up rabbit and rooster fights… They don’t care what species you are, they just want you to CUT THAT SHIT OUT.

They don’t differentiate species because dogs think everything else is just a weird dog. 


So you’re telling me dogs are the bouncers of the animal kingdom

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I was just in the dawn room and one of the affirmations someone wrote was “it’s ok dean, when do you guys ever die for real anyway”

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Every time I post something about Norman Reedus and it gets reblogged you fangirls just gotta swoon and add your own cutesy caption. Nothing against fangirls but here’s a challenge. Swoon over this! Good luck.


OP, it is clear that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of one or more of the following:




I mean we could probably use this as a really interesting launching point for the fundamental disconnect between ‘what people actually find hot’ and ‘what society/patriarchy presumes is hot’ and how the assignations of gender roles and sexuality fuck with that. Like the presumption that the female gaze doesn’t even exist, or if it does that women-intersted-in-men find the same things about men sexy that men-interested-in-women presume they do/should.

I mean, how many ‘porn for straight women’ magazines have tried to launch and asked a bunch of straight women what they wanted in porn -and gotten answers of ‘smiling dudes’ ‘dudes giving bedroom eyes’ and ‘cock’ - only to then said ‘yeah no, we’re giving you tough,aloof-looking shirtless guys with power muscles and weapons instead (because regardless of what any of you say you want we know that the majority of you want tough looking guys with power muscles and weapons because that’s what masculinity is because sexiness is feminine-coded. I mean obviously the only reason a man would display in a sexually-inviting way (as opposed to an aggressive way or a disinterested way) is if he’s trying to attract a man! Ergo anything in which a man is display in a sexually inviting or (gasp) submissive way is gay gay gay gay gay and thus the anti-masculine and no woman would ever want it. We know better than you what you like and want and find sexy) and then failed and blamed the failure on the totally legit and well known phenomenon that women just don’t get off on visual stimuli they’d rather read erotica.

But I’m too busy getting off on images like the above.

#I’m really disturbed by this fandom hating trend on tumblr #why #fandom is a wonderful place #and yes, we are all aware of those photos #hell my first piece of dirty fanart was Gerard way in lingerie #lol at the dude thinking he’s shocking fangirls

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(George Takei Responds to Teenage ‘Traditional’ Marriage Fans)

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I’ve noticed a funny thing about Melissa McCarthy. Well, besides the obvious, that she’s funny. But I’ve noticed that when Jennifer Lawrence talks about her weight, she talks about how much food she eats, and how she’s never going to diet to be thin. And when Melissa McCarthy is quoted about her weight, this is what she says:

“I don’t really know why I’m not thinner than I am.”

“I want to be healthy.”

“I just don’t lose weight easily.”

“Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size 6 and I never had to give it a single thought.”

Because Melissa McCarthy actually is a fat woman, she isn’t allowed to make brash statements about body acceptance. She has to apologize for her body. Every single one of those quotes might as well have just said, “Sorry I’m fat and you have to look at me, everyone.” But it’s all she’s allowed to say, in the confines of our culture. If Melissa McCarthy had said, “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go f– yourself,” the response will most assuredly not be, “How brave! How strong! What a good role model!” The response will be, “What a bad example, encouraging people to be unhealthy! We have an obesity epidemic! Open your eyes, fat is not healthy, sexy, or acceptable! How very dare she!”

Jennifer Lawrence body shames you more than you might have realized by Jenny Trout

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Yep aaaaaaand yep.

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YES, THIS. This is also the reason why when someone says something like “Oh, I’m so fat!” it’s rarely a real-life fat person talking. If a fat person says that, they are likely to hear “YUP, you sure are and you really should do something about that.”

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I was just thinking about posting this article on my blog. Thanks tumblr.

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